Base64 to Image Converter

Base64 to Image is a conversion process where Base64-encoded image data is converted back into an image format that can be displayed on a screen or printed on a page.

Base64 is a method of encoding binary data into ASCII text, so when an image is encoded in Base64 format, it is represented as a long string of text that contains the image's binary data. To convert this encoded data into an image, a Base64 to Image converter is used.

The converter decodes the Base64-encoded data, converting it back into the original binary format of the image. Then it formats the binary data into the appropriate image file format, such as JPEG or PNG, which can be displayed on a screen or printed on a page.

Base64 to Image converters are commonly used in web applications where images are stored as Base64-encoded data in a database or transmitted over the internet in Base64 format. They can be used to display images on a web page without having to load the images from a separate file, which can improve the page's load time and performance.

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