List randomizer

A list randomizer is a tool that shuffles or randomizes a list of items in a random order. It is commonly used for games, contests, raffles, or any other situation where a random selection is required.

To use a list randomizer, users typically need to input the list of items they want to randomize, either by typing them directly into a text box or by pasting them from another source. The list randomizer then shuffles the items randomly and displays the new order.

Some list randomizers also allow users to set additional parameters, such as the number of items to be selected or the frequency of repetition of certain items. For example, if a contest requires selecting 3 winners out of a list of 20 participants, a list randomizer can be used to randomly select 3 participants without repeating any of them.

List randomizers can also be used for non-competitive purposes, such as generating random to-do lists, randomizing a playlist, or creating a random workout routine.

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