SHA-224 generator

SHA-224 is a variant of the SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) family of cryptographic hash functions. It is designed to produce a 224-bit hash value, which is shorter than the 256-bit output produced by SHA-256, but longer than the 160-bit output produced by SHA-1.

Like other SHA-2 algorithms, SHA-224 takes an input message of any length and produces a fixed-length output, which is unique to the input message. It is a widely-used cryptographic hash function that is used for data integrity checks, digital signatures, and other security-related applications.

SHA-224 is considered more secure than its predecessor, SHA-1, and is less susceptible to collision attacks and other vulnerabilities. However, more modern variants of the SHA-2 family, such as SHA-256 and SHA-512, are typically recommended for most cryptographic applications, as they provide stronger security and better performance.

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