SHA-384 generator

SHA-384 (Secure Hash Algorithm 384) is a cryptographic hash function that is part of the SHA-2 family of hash functions, which also includes SHA-256, SHA-512, and SHA-224. Like other SHA-2 algorithms, SHA-384 generates a fixed-length output from a given input message, such as a string of text or a file.

SHA-384 generates a 384-bit hash value, which is longer than the 256-bit output produced by SHA-256, but shorter than the 512-bit output produced by SHA-512. It is designed to be more secure than SHA-256 and is less susceptible to collision attacks and other vulnerabilities.

SHA-384 is commonly used in applications that require a higher level of security than SHA-256, such as digital signatures and password storage. It is also used in some blockchain implementations, where it is used to generate hash values that link blocks together and ensure the integrity of the blockchain. However, for many applications, SHA-256 is sufficient and provides a good balance between security and performance.

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