SQL formatter/beautifier

A SQL formatter/beautifier is a tool or software that is used to format or beautify SQL (Structured Query Language) code for better readability and consistency. SQL is a standard language used to interact with databases and manage data.

SQL formatter/beautifiers work by analyzing SQL code and applying a set of rules to automatically format the code. This can include indenting statements, capitalizing keywords, adding line breaks, and aligning columns. The end result is a more organized and easily readable SQL code that is easier to understand and work with.

SQL formatter/beautifiers can help to improve the quality of SQL code and make it easier to collaborate on SQL projects. They can also help to reduce errors and increase efficiency by making it easier to identify and correct syntax errors or other issues in the code.

There are many online SQL formatter/beautifier tools available, as well as plugins and extensions for popular text editors and integrated development environments (IDEs). Some popular SQL formatter/beautifier tools include SQLFormat, SQLinForm, and Poor Man's T-SQL Formatter.

Overall, SQL formatter/beautifiers can be a useful tool for database administrators, developers, and other professionals who work with SQL code on a regular basis. They can help to improve the quality and consistency of SQL code and make it easier to work with and maintain over time.

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