SSL Lookup

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) lookup is the process of determining the SSL/TLS (Transport Layer Security) certificate information associated with a particular domain name or website. SSL/TLS certificates are used to establish secure and encrypted connections between web servers and web browsers.

SSL lookup can be used to verify that a website is using a valid SSL/TLS certificate and to retrieve information about the certificate, such as the certificate authority (CA) that issued the certificate, the date the certificate was issued and expires, and the level of encryption used.

SSL lookup can be performed using various tools, such as online services, web-based tools, or command-line utilities. These tools allow users to enter a domain name or website URL and retrieve information about the SSL/TLS certificate associated with that site.

SSL lookup information can include:

The certificate authority (CA) that issued the SSL/TLS certificate.

The type of SSL/TLS certificate, such as domain-validated, organization-validated, or extended validation.

The date the SSL/TLS certificate was issued and expires.

The level of encryption used by the SSL/TLS certificate.

SSL lookup can be a useful tool for website owners and administrators, security professionals, and others who need to verify the security and authenticity of a website's SSL/TLS certificate. It can also be used to troubleshoot issues with SSL/TLS certificate validation and to ensure that websites are using up-to-date and secure SSL/TLS certificates.

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