User agent parser

A user agent parser is a tool or software that is used to extract information from the User-Agent string sent by a web browser or other HTTP client to a web server. The User-Agent string is a text string that is included in the HTTP request header, and it contains information about the client device, operating system, and web browser being used to access the web server.

A user agent parser can extract various types of information from the User-Agent string, including the name and version number of the web browser, the operating system and device type, and any additional information included in the User-Agent string. This information can be used by web servers to optimize the content delivery to the client device or to provide customized experiences for different types of clients.

There are many online user agent parser tools available, as well as libraries and modules for various programming languages that can be used to parse the User-Agent string. Some popular user agent parser tools include the User Agent Parser library,, and

Overall, user agent parsers can be a useful tool for web developers and administrators who need to optimize their web content for different client devices or provide customized experiences based on the client device information.

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